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According to the European data protection act (Art. 13, European Regulation 2016/679) the User acknowledges that BAXTER S.r.l. commits to process the User's personal data according to the principles of propriety, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of confidentiality. Therefore, the User is hereby informed that:

A.  CATEGORIES OF DATA:  The object of the processing may be your personal data like identification data, personal data and contact data.

B.  DATA CONTROLLER: The data controller is BAXTER S.r.l., VAT number 00913080966, Via Costone 8, 22040 Lurago d'Erba (CO), telephone +39 031.35999, email

C.  SOURCE OF PERSONAL DATA: The personal data held by the Data Controller are collected directly from the data subject.

D.  DATA PROCESSING PURPOSES AND LEGAL BASIS: The processing of your data, collected and stored upon completion of this form, has as its legal basis your consent and is carried out for the following purposes: creating a new account and subscribing to the newsletter.

E.  DATA RECIPIENTS: Within the limits established by the purposes specified for processing, your data may be disclosed to partners, consulting companies and private companies that have been appointed as Data Processors by the Data Controller. Your data will not be disseminated in any way.

F.  TRANSFER OF DATA ABROAD: the data collected is not transferred to third countries outside the European Community.

G.  STORAGE PERIOD: The data collected will be kept for a period of time not exceeding what is necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which it is processed ("storage limitation principle", art. 5, GDPR) or on the basis of the expiries established by law. The verification of the obsolescence of the data stored in relation to the purposes for which they were collected is carried out periodically.

H.  RIGHTS OF THE DATA SUBJECT: The data subject is always entitled to request access to his/her data, to correct or erase it, restrict its processing, or the possibility of objecting to its processing, requesting data portability, withdrawing consent to the processing of the data, asserting these and other rights provided by the GDPR, through a simple communication to the Data Controller. The data subject can also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

I.  MANDATORY NATURE OF CONSENT OR OTHERWISE: We inform you that the provision of data is optional for some fields and required for others (specified by an asterisk), and the lack of required data will make it impossible to perform the requested service.

J.  METHOD OF DATA PROCESSING: The personal data you provide will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned regulations and the confidentiality obligations adopted by the Data Controller. The data will be processed both with computer tools and on paper and using any other type of suitable support in compliance with security measures pursuant to the GDPR.

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Let us remind you that we strongly recommend keeping your genuine Baxter product away from direct heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces, and light such as from windows as heat and light can cause significant changes in the leather’s colour. It is important, when cleaning the leather, to rub the moistened leather very gently, as the “grain” becomes more delicate when damp. When there is a liquid stain it should be cleaned immediately with an absorbent cloth. Be careful not to enlarge the stain, but to reduce it as much as possible, by cleaning from the edge of the stain towards the middle. If there are large stains of chocolate, jam or lipstick, etc., always remove the excess quickly with, for example, the smooth edge of a spoon taking care not to make the stain larger, but to reduce it as much as possible by working from the edge toward the centre of the mark. If it is still necessary, use the specific cleanser on a cloth taking care not to enlarge the mark.
All the products were specially researched and tested exclusively for Baxter’s leather. We recommend that you only use cleaning and maintenance products supplied by Baxter. Generic products can cause permanent damage to the finish. For treatment to be effective, it is important to treat and take care of the leather regularly (at least once every 6 months) in order to remove dirt as well as the gradual build-up caused by perspiration and body fats. Deposits left for longer periods of time can become particularly difficult to remove and subsequent treatment may not give the desired results.
In order to see the technical details of our products and their composition, visit
In the event the problems are more complex and for any doubts in this respect, we recommend addressing to Baxter’s sales point or contacting us:

-     T. +39 0445 425507 Monday-Friday 8.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m. / 2.00 p.m.-5.30 p.m.(excluding public holidays). Italian local time.*

* To have access to the dedicated assistance service, it is essential to provide the serial number of the item, which is reported both on the warranty and on the item itself.