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  • YEAR: 2018


It is a common, but limiting trend: to describe Amsterdam as the city of bicycles, tulips and Van Gogh means not giving credit to the Dutch capital. Beyond De Wallen and beyond the coffee shops, in fact, there is another city full of addresses that preserve, innovate or revolutionize the world of design and art.
For this reason, we have decided to suggest you a weekend of design in Amsterdam. If you have already visited the city, mark these destinations to discover the unpublished and most interesting sides of Flemish design; if it's your first time, instead, write down some addresses and insert them in your classic itinerary. Whether you are a professional, fan or newcomer to the world of design, you will not be disappointed.



Among the many hotel addresses in Amsterdam, the Andaz is one of the most distinguished for its attention to furnishings. Studied by the Dutch designer Marcel Wander, it gets inspiration from the adventures of Alice in Wonderland: the theater interiors welcome the visitor with original seats, chandeliers in an oversized version and illusive details to be discovered in every room.
If you are looking for a truly original experience, and you are not particularly claustrophobic, we suggest you to book a room at the CityHub instead. Its peculiarity? Just them, the rooms - or better, the hubs. It is  a 50 capsule bedrooms, a real must-see for many tourists aged between 20 and 35 years old. Futuristic in the appearance, each room is equipped with a double bed, Wi-Fi, dim lights and music that every guest can customize.



When food meets design, interesting experiments are always born. One of these is De culinaire werkplaats, the innovative conceptual space created by designers Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing. Not only is the organization of the spaces attracting our attention, but also and above all that of the menu: the designers in fact were inspired freely by topics such as "black" and "honesty" to create dishes as well as good to eat and beautiful to see.
If you like the oriental cuisine, Taiko is the place for you. Born with the aim of seeking the right balance between tradition and innovation, it was able not only to find it in the proposed dishes, but also to translate it into its interior design. The architect Pietro Lissoni, in charge of the project, has in fact played with the typical Asian elements (bamboo and wood floors) associating much more modern details, such as sheets in black plate and chandeliers taken from industrial spaces.

Photo by Rinze Vegelien, Todays Brew



It does not matter if you have traveled with a skimpy hand baggage: these two addresses cannot be missed in the itinerary of every enthusiast of the design world, even if only to let them enchant you (or inspire you).
Droog, above all. Creative studio, café, restaurant and hotel (hyper exclusive as it has only one room for two people) it is also a design shop. Already the outside is notable as Droog is in an old seventeenth century house, whose exposed brick façade displays the imperial coat of arms: the historical elements dialogue with the recent modernization without any stylistic constraints of any kind. The interior, then, is all to be discovered: the 700 square meters alternate temporary exhibitions to the spaces dedicated to the store and show objects with an ironic, intelligent and delicate design.
The Frozen Fountain is also an address to mark. In close contact with the emerging designers thanks to the bond with the numerous art academies of Amsterdam, it collects unique creations of different inspiration: the result is a dynamic and original collection that is also enriched by grouped installations and chosen according to a specific focus that changes from time to time.

Photo by Satijn Panyigay



It's time to goand reach the Noord district of Amsterdam. In fact, in the former industrial area, we find a small house of 25 square meters. Its peculiarity? It was built with a 3D printer. Innovative technology and futuristic appearance are the features characterizing the cabin: it is possible to visit it thanks to guided tours and also to stay there for short periods of time.
Our itinerary ends with the Baxter Amsterdam. Opened in October 2017, the showroom is housed in an old building located in the heart of the city. The space has been renovated while preserving the characteristics of the typical Dutch Gothic style and its three floors, today, welcome the creations of Baxter. The bright windows show the furnishings by Baxter, true protagonists of the interior thanks to the light and created geometries: the Chester Moon sofa, symbol par excellence of the Baxter universe, is for example inserted in a chromatic context of sugar paper and cognac that enhance its iconic aesthetic.

We just have to tell you: it's time to pack your suitcase!