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  • YEAR: 2022

Translating dreams into design to celebrate World Sleep Day


Realize the imagination, give it a shape, a body, infuse it with a soul. Abstract concepts that in an extreme synthesis between idea, project and implementation become Baxter's selection. Unique pieces, designed to translate those fascinations we call "dreams" into comfort, the sofas, armchairs, seats, are built starting from that amazing beauty that the mind can create when we sleep. Together with them, the beds form the microcosm where we feel safe, protected.

In and about this temple of rest, artists of all ages have consumed their art, composed, and traced stories imprinted forever in the collective memory: from the myth of Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius to pop art transposed to the big screen by the film industry of Hollywood, the bed is a witness of time and its escape.

Modernity has set a World Sleep Day on the Friday preceding the Spring Equinox. Just before the hours of the day and those of the night are equivalent, almost wanting to earn, as you do with the alarm clock, those extra minutes, not wanting to give in to the lure of the rising sun, to declare that there is that space that saves us from reality and, at the same time, also allows us to face it.

Likewise, the Baxter beds: design that informs the home environment of a concrete, reassuring presence, a corner where you close your eyes and rest your body is only the consequence of the broader ritual of our relaxation.

In the silhouette of the Milano model, then, we perceive a suggestion. Make the room "a large kennel". Paola Navone, the eclectic master of the unconventional who designed it in 2021, could not have better explained its essence. It has a powerful and enveloping structure, slightly curved at the sides, and the high matelassé headboard that frames it invites us in an embrace that continues in the side members and footboard. The upholstery in the softest Kashmir leather or the one in the velvety selection of Nabuck, give it an additional warm note.

In 2010, Paola Navone signed Paris and once again discovered how to love that material that she had excluded from her research before meeting Baxter. The regularity of the classic profile gives way to a slight wavy effect; given from the craftsmanship of the leather. In the sharp edge seams, in the barely hinted plenty that makes it fall to the floor draped like a fabric, any trace of stiffness disappears.

Stone's nature is quite different. A floating zen island, a landing place where Western minimalism marries oriental poetry. A theory of rounded, almost smooth volumes, of which the bed seems an emanation. Overcoming the boundary of his skeleton, in fact, he delicately hands us a series of accessory elements, from the bedside tables to the brass-plated metal LED light system. Federico Peri designed it as one and multiple, in a variety of combinations.

And then Viktor, Casablanca, Innsbruck, Heaven, and the others, each complemented by the perfect mattress, Dream, which meets the need for high comfort. Celebrating the World Day of Sleep is a daily gesture, a promise of well-being that we make to ourselves and renew every night.